renpy !

eek! i am a scrollbox, so scroll me!

hii im renpy! 🦐 i like valk a lot. like. a looooot. if u couldnt tell

i mainly use py/pyn & it/its pronouns! [speaking in spanish = he only!] unlabeled agender weird thing.... latino 🇦🇷 as well & i might tweet in spanish or japanese [replies mostly] occasionally

i like enstars [valkp/rabitsp] and i am very very obsessive over shu & mika they have rotten into my tiny little brain... i yume nazuna [sharing] however i also like other things! my main focuses switch very quickly but the permanent ones r vkei bands, lolita/ouji, eroguro/fictional gore, art, animation, coding & early internet culture. i also play bass, guitar & ukulele, i design/handsew my own clothes & just overall take it upon myself to make the things i like ♪♪ also i am so good at crane machines dont even test me i have issues im veeeeery rt heavy especially when it comes to art so i might clog ur tl...

BYF!!!! no dni no byf fuck around & find out. i am autistic

i will sb if im on ur dni. dont vague me. if i do something bad just tell me i either face it or we fight like men

my twitter ⁠♪ ⁠♪ layout credit

thx for reading baiii !!!!!!!!!